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KW-703 automatic double roll cutting machine
1. Every machine motion is progrannable. Operation ease and flexibility.
2. Silicon lubricating system: Reciruiated silicon lubricant prevents adhesives from clinging to the cutting blade,and ensures smooth cuts each and every time.
3. Each cut is exactly where It's supposed to be cutting head is positioned by a servo motor-ballscren combination along precision slide-heaving rails. Every move is smooth,fast and every accurate-even extremely long moves.
4. Each cut has our full support: Hydraulic pressure holds upper and lower tape rolls firmly against the cutting blade for maximum stability-no matter how large or small the roll diameter.
5. Double roll with single circular knive to increase efficiency greatly.
Suitable for cutting OPP tape/PVC tape/Electrical tape/Mask tape/Double-side tape/Kraft tape/Cloth tape.
Vaild width 1.3 M OR 1.6 M
Maximum cut diameter 150 mm
Minimum silitting width 3 mm
Inside diameter of pager core 32-76.2 mm
Blad drive motor 3 HP
Material roll drive motor 5 HP
Blade diameter 200 mm / 250 mm
Due to machine development,above information may be changed at any time without prior notice.
  The actual specification of machine accordings to the quotation.


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