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KW-210 OPP Tape Slitter Rewinder
1. Centralized control panel:All operation controls. For this machine are centralized in a control panel.
2. Three-step length setting:This length setting provides extremely smooth rewinding operation to gives accurate rewinding length.
3. Automatic shaft change:Once the rewinding operation is accomplished,the machine will automatically perform shaft changes for convenient and wfficient operations.
4. Crowned stretch Roll:The streth roll is specially designed to eliminates tape wrinkling during extension and feed.
5. Pneumatic brake:Brings the machine to an immediate halt for accurate positioning and labelling.
Suitable for OPP adhesive tape/glass paper tape.
Valid width 1350 mm 1000 mm
Max. diameter of rewinding 120 mm 120 mm
Max. diameter of unrewinding 600 mm 600 mm
Min. slitting width 12 mm 12 mm
Diameter of paper core 76.2 mm 25.4-76.2 mm
Slitting machine 0-180 M/min 0-180 M/min
Main motor 5 HP
Due to machine development,above information may be changed at any time without prior notice.
  The actual specification of machine accordings to the quotation.


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