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KW-202 Slitting machine 
1. Centralized control panel:All operation controls. For this machine are centralized in a control panel.
2. Three-step length setting:This length setting provides extremely smooth rewinding operation to gives accurate rewinding length.
3. Automatic shaft change:Once the rewinding operation is accomplished,the machine will automatically perform shaft changes for convenient and wfficient operations.
4. Labeling indication:This plate is attached with a reference line for labeling instructions.
Suitable for OPP adhesive tape/glass paper tape.
Valid width 1350 mm
Max. diameter of materials 600 mm
Slitting width 12-1280 mm
Inside diameter of paper core 76.2 mm
Diameter of rewinding 4 Shafts rewind 76.2-150 mm
2 Shafts rewind 76.2-300 mm
Blade 0.2 x 22 x 60 mm
Machine speed 0-180 M/min
Main motor 5 HP
Due to machine development,above information may be changed at any time without prior notice.
  The actual specification of machine accordings to the quotation.


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